Mr. Liu, the person-in-charge of "Cloud Services International", was involved in a breach of trust case. After the order by the Prosecutor-General of the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office to continue the investigation, the Shihlin Prosecutors Office conducted and finished its investigation on January 7, 2014. It was found that while still working for the Danet, Liu, XXX-Kang, the person-in-charge of Cloud Services International, Huang, XXX-Hung, et al. set up a company, applied for hosting services equipment rooms, and instigated co-employee Huang and sales representative An, XXX-Chun to transfer their customers to Cloud Services International.

  The responsible person Liu kept a low profile and denied firmly that he has acted contrary to his duties. However, according to the investigation conducted by the prosecutor for a year, the responsible person Liu XXX-Kang, is found to have indeed committed many acts of crime. The prosecutor opines that Liu applied for the establishment of his own company, internet and website at the early time of Liu’s term of service with Danet, and even executed competitive terms and conditions and a non-disclosure agreement with the other defendant on behalf of Danet during the time he acted as the responsible person of Danet. Liu conspired with the two existing employees Huang, XXX-Hung and An, XXX-Chun, to transfer the clients and mainframe of Danet to Cloud Services International. Based on the above, the prosecutor finds that the crime committed by Liu was serious. The prosecutor forthwith initiated a public prosecution against Liu, XXX-Kang and Huang, XXX-Hung for an offense of breach of trust specified in Article 342 of the Criminal Code.

  Lin Chia-Wei, the current person-in-charge of Danet, said that while Liu XXX-Kang was still the person-in-charge of the company, Liu did not properly manage the business. Before he left the company, he put up the company Cloud Services International with other co-employees and spread the rumors to customers that the company is in a dire situation in order to take advantage of the situation and lure them away. On the other hand, Liu XXX-Kang denied stealing company information, but was able to present a company client agreement contract to the court during a proceeding in another district court. This clearly proves that Liu XXX-Kang is not telling the truth.

  Furthermore, when the prosecutors investigated the records of personnel access and equipment moving in and out of the control room by the accused during the period of April to June of 2012 of the two companies as provided by Chunghwa Telecom, it was found that Liu XXX-Kang did authorize Huang XXX-Hung and An XXX-Chun to transfer the clients of the original company and its equipment to Cloud Services International. Liu XXX-Kang also admitted that he had paid a separate salary to engineer Huang XXX-Hung, who was then still an employee of Danet. In addition, the prosecution pointed out that before Liu XXX-Kang left the company, he spread the message to clients of Danet that "he has plans to continue serving the clients" and "will still continue the same service of Colocation and Dedicated server". Therefore, the prosecution asked that the accused Liu, the person-in-charge of Cloud Services International, and Engineer Huang be charged as joint principal offenders and accordingly seek punishment for their crimes.